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AirGov provides an easy-to-use, affordable solution to your government entity's needs for an effective online presence - including desktop web, mobile, & social media communications.


About Us

Two decades of service to local government.

There are many website companies, and website designers, who offer website creation services.

But we specialize in the construction and operation of websites for cities, towns, municipalities, police departments, libraries, and other government entities.

The AirGov system of building government websites dates back over 19 years to our first government client, through our predecessor sister company, Virtual Town Pages.

To date, our services have been used in the creation and operation of a variety of local government, police department, library, and other agency websites. In addition, we have direct experience in personally serving in municipal government. So we possess experiential knowledge about the operations of local governments that ordinary web designers and website companies do not have.

Our Services

Why choose AirGov for your Internet presence?

The AirGov Government Website Software System™ offers advantages over dated, "legacy" types of websites.


Our Content Management System is easy to use - if you can use a word-processing program, you can use our website software! No complex coding skills required. Post documents for downloading, add calendar events, and publish notices and announcements.


With our "Software as a Service" (SaaS) platform that you manage yourself, you can save taxpayer dollars by handling all content updates in-house. We also offer higher levels of service, including a fully-managed maintenance plan.


AirGov 360 offers an economical, bundled solution to your online communication demands - desktop + mobile web, social media sharing, and e-mail notifications - without the need for multiple steps and additional time and labor.


Automatically post on your Facebook Page with AirPOST™, share on Twitter with AirTWEET™, and send e-mails via AirBLAST™. Communication through social media happens immediately with the posting of content on your website.


Our Mission

AirGov provides government entities & agencies with an affordable yet comprehensive web platform to save taxpayers' money

We offer different levels of service based on your budget and work assignments. Our Silver subscription plan is entirely customer-updated and maintained, and is our most economical level of service. Our Gold subscription plan comes loaded with AirGov360™ for comprehensive online communication, initial content population by AirGov (for an additional onboarding fee), and more extensive technical support and system training. Our Platinum plan is our highest level of service, including complete content updating and management by AirGov plus night and weekend customer support.


Careers at AirGov

Interested in working with AirGov?

Professional sales representatives who understand today's communication technologies, and technical support professionals, are welcome to apply to join our team. Please call us or e-mail us to discuss career opportunities with AirGov.


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New York: 929-430-4284

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