CORES - Citizen Online Reporting System

Protect your agency's personnel by moving reporting & filing operations online.

Introducing CORES - an immediate and affordable way to move certain filing operations avoid person-to-person interactions and thereby protect the health and safety of government employees, police officers, and the general public.

WHAT IT IS: Our Citizen Online Reporting System ("CORES") makes it possible for members of your community to file certain reports and forms online, avoiding the need to visit your municipal building, police department, or agency office.

HOW IT WORKS: Residents complete your new CORES forms for such matters as Criminal Incident Reports, Certificate of Occupancy Applications, Property Check Requests, Alarm Registrations, Pet License Applications, and more. The information is stored in a database and emailed to your agency's designated recipient, along with a PDF attachment of the report. Simultaneously, the resident submitting the report receives an email confirmation along with their own attached PDF copy.

HOW MANY REPORTS CAN QUICKLY BE MOVED ONLINE: Our Starter package includes up to 5 forms; the Basic package includes up to 10 forms; and the Advanced package includes up to 20 forms.

HOW QUICKLY YOU CAN GET IT: Due to the current public health emergency, your CORES system will up and running within five (5) business days of onboarding payment and our receipt of all desired forms.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST: Our Starter package is $475 for initial onboarding. All packages have a monthly subscription fee of $19.95.

WHAT YOU MUST DO: Simply email us PDF copies of the forms which are currently filed in-person with your agency or entity. We will then create online versions which will be posted in your CORES portal. Payment for onboarding can be made via mailed check or online with a credit card. Monthly subscription payments can be made via recurring automatic credit card payment, or by mailed check for the annual total.

HOW IT MESHES WITH YOUR EXISTING WEBSITE: We provide you with a web link to your CORES portal. Simply have your web developer place a link to your CORES portal from your existing website.

SECURITY: Your CORES domain will be secured with SSL technology, so residents can have confidence in the secure transmission of their data. Our CORES portals also feature several layers of protection against hackers and brute force attacks.

MOBILE-READY: CORES reports can easily be filed using a smartphone or tablet.

WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO GET STARTED RIGHT NOW: If paying by credit card, below you can (a) select your chosen package and (b) subscribe. (Monthly subscription is required of all packages.) If paying by check, call us at 201-484-7480 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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